Project Description

Project Brief


Hello every body, you are very welcome to our presentation this evening. We are the non-smoking project group and this week we have learned and discussed the effects of smoking. We have learned a lot among us and also compared how different our countries are in relation to the smoking situation. However in this presentation we have tried to focus on the benefits of non-smoking rather than the consequences of it.

Our aim for this project was to

  1. Show how powerful the addiction side of smoking is
  2. Show you the benefits of non-smoking
  3. Compare the lifestyles of people who smoke and people who don’
  4. Gather peoples views on smoking

First here is a short video we created. Every one of us participated in the making of this video and it was a very new exciting experience for us. We hope you enjoy it and that our message is clearly received by you all.

Next here is the biggest comparison part of our project showed by a few photos by Eithne and her beautiful models.

This part of our presentation looks at the public’s views on smoking. Enjoy this audio clip by Lukas.

Now to show you all how much fun we had making this project here is some behind the scenes footage along with some photos.

Thank you every one for taking the time to hear our presentation. We hope we have proved to you that smoking is an unnecessary habit and how much you benefit just from staying away from smoking but remember its never too late to quit. Habits are hard to break but the information we have shared with you should make it easier to leave it all behind. We feel strongly about the message we have shared and hopefully you will too and continue to pass it on.

Project diary


Our project group discussed our topic „non-smoking“. We came up with a few ideas to promote non-smoking, in particular Konrad. They included sign language, a photo slideshow with a voice over and two different worlds of a smoker and a non-smoker. We finally settled on an idea of a video with a smoker battling his addiction. We then pitched our idea to the rest of the Reflect and Act group.



We reviewed our script and presented it to the rest of the group. We rewrote a few scenes that needed to be improved. We then added to a scene also.

We decided on bringing photography into the project by doing a smoking versus non-smoking photo shoot, that we think will add to our presentation. This shows the consequences of smoking aswell as the big benefits of not smoking.



We drew up storyboards and then began filming. This was our first time filming so it was very exciting. This took most of the day and we got most of it filmed. Towards the end of the day we got started on the photography project and took some photos that would have to be edited.



We spent all Thursday filming until we were happy with each scene. We finally got all of it done and now we were just left to edit.



This was editing day. We did all of the finishing touches today and the multi media people had allot today. We are very excited about the presentation.