Project Description


Everybody Has A Body But Everybodies Bodies Differs

Body Image

Are you happy with your body ?

Our group ‘Body Image’ has focused on how we negatively view our own body image. We have looked at how we tend to base our desired body image of the negative and narrow-minded views of the media.

We were not made to look identical; everybody is unique and different in his or her own way. This is the issue that we have tried to get across in our project.

The aim of our project was to try and make people believe that they should be content with his or her own body.

We should not be expected to look like models, people should love us for the way we are.

It is clear from our research that people do not view their own body image under a positive light.

They are surprised and shocked when they are referred to as beautiful.

Our mental and physical health suffers when we are not confident and happy with our own personal body image.

We hope that our project will help people become more comfortable, confident and content with their body image.


The media influences the way our mind views the perfect body, by basing all its images on skinny and women or muscular or slim men.

The majority of models are over photo shopped, when we look at them to want to be just like them but how can we expect to look like something that is not real.

The media are condescending towards people who do not fit into their criteria for the perfect body.

The media creates tension and stress for individuals who are not born with this perfect body image.

Mental Health

The images of perfect bodies that the media create causes anxiety and stress that led to people believing that they shouldn’t be happy in the body they were born in.

The mindset of the average person is negative towards himself or herself. People do not feel that they can be happy in their body.

If we changed our mindset to the image that everyone is unique and cannot be expect to look the same. Our mental health would be much improved.

Our desires to have an unrealistic body led to anorexia or on the other hand overeating.


When we are constantly trying to look unrealistically skinny or muscular. We become worried and stressed about having the perfect body image our physical health can suffer. For example eating disorders can arise.

People who think they need to be need to skinny tend to eat less, which can lead to anorexia. On the other hand people who have the desire to be muscular can take steroids and over eat.

Therefore people tend to eat unhealthy, whether they eat too much or too little.

They are often trying to create the unrealistic figure of clothing manikins in shops and the models who we see everyday on social media and magazines.

What Do You Like And Dislike About Your Body?



I like my height but I don’t like my fingers
David 15


I like my fingernails but I dont’t like my feet
Alex 15


I like my eyebrows but I dont’t like my ears
Aidain 16


I like my eyes but I don’t like my nose
Florian 16


I like my eyes but I don’t like my toes
Elena 15

Factors that effect Body Image



The Media influences the way we view our body, by basing all its images on sterotypes. The media are condescending towards people you dont fit into the “perfect body”creatia. We need to overlook the media and realise that we are all beautiful and unique.


When we are worried and stressed about the perfect body image our physical health often suffers. We need to focus on eating the food that is healthiest for us and consuming the right amount of these foods.


Mental Health

The image of the perfect body that we have in our mind, is not positive for our mental health. It can led to stress and anxiety. We should banish from our minds what we think we should look like and remember we cannot and should not all look the same.