Project Description


Roland had the job of the script for the audio. Roland also wrote questions to ask people for the interviews.  He also researched some facts and numbers about the use and abuse of alcohol.

Multi-media Production

When everybody was finished with their  projects, they were given to Becky and she put them all together as a presentation on Prezi for our finished project.


Chantal had the job of interviewing people from the camp asking them about theyre opinions on alcohol in general. She also played lily in our in our audio clip.


Aidan and Tommy recorded the script that was written by Roland and brought it back to the computer where they edited it, and added back round music and noises to it.


Sinead and Jacob filmed interviews about alcohol and they cut and edited them. They also added sound affects to the background of the interviews.


Catherina took many useful and artistic photos concerned with our group and project. These photos included the reality pictures and the selfie pictures for our “would you serve” questionnaire.